Upon the rapid spread of the new Corona virus, we have been thinking how we could provide anxious, children with accurate information, appropriate knowledge, and social emotional skills to stay safe and healthy. We hope to provide video contents that could teach how to survive under this unprecedented circumstance in a fun manner, instead of a “too serious” manner.

We, the psychologists and the members of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) came together to come up with this project. With our different professions or roles yet with the same goals, this project further attracted people with various background, such as college students, a web creator, and translators from all over the world. They joined supporting this project by collaborating with us. In the form of volunteering, this project has evolved into world-wide collaborations.

The heroes’ name [COROTAIGERS] came from a simple combination of “Corona” and “taiji” ( “conquest” in a Japanese term). We came up an idea of using the wish of “I want to be a hero!” which every child has. Staff of this project are selflessly volunteering to achieve our common goals: “teaching lessons in a fun way to stay safe and healthy, as well as fostering their kindness and self-regulation under this stressful time.” They devote their time and specialties in order merely to see children’s sparkling smiles! We wish that children from all over the world stay happy, safe, and healthy.

“The COROTAIGERS” project members“


Tomoko Kobayashi (Shizuoka university)

Original written by

Tomoko Kobayashi (Shizuoka university), Yayoi Watanabe (Hosei university)

Animation creators

Eri Fukasawa, Yousuke Sato, Yuna Yoshida, Kazumi Ichikawa (SPAC)

Dramaturg / Translation

Marie Moriyama (SPAC)


Lyrics / Music / Song by Hiroko Tanakawa (SPAC)
Theme song performed by Yukio Kato (SPAC)

Voice Actors

Narrator: Moemi Ishii, Tomomi Ouchi , Yukio Kato (SPAC)
Coroner: Keita Mishima (SPAC)
Clean Red: Yukio Kato (SPAC)
Compassion Pink: Moemi Ishii (SPAC)
Immunization White: Tomomi Ouchi (SPAC)
Meta-cognition Yellow: Asuka Fuse (SPAC)
Man 1:Ryo Yoshimi (SPAC)
Mum:Tomomi Ouchi (SPAC)


TenTen & Makoko & Seri & Sea & Yutaro

Movie Editor

Eiji Nakao (SPAC)

Translation Coordinator

Yayoi Watanabe (Hosei university)

Translation Superviser (English)

Maiko Ikeda, Naomi Yamaoka, Louise Frere-Smith

Translation Superviser (Dutch)

Olanda Momcilovic, Mara Momcilovic

Translation Superviser (Spanish)

Gerardo Castañeda Garza

Translation Superviser (Portuguese)

Ana Paula Martins Gouveia

Translation Superviser (French)

Petean Ramona Aurora

HP creator

Tomomi Nakadaira (IrukaNet)

HP Translation Supervisor

Maiko Ikeda, Naomi Watanabe

SPAC WEB creator

Sakiko Nakano (SPAC)


Yuri Abe, Mizue Sawata, Minami Aoki, Akane Sugimoto, Haruna Tanishita, Yuto Nishido (Shizuoka university)

Special thanks to

Ayano Taki, Seidai Gonda (Shizuoka university)