In the world of today, a large number of people have been impacted by COVID-19. We have come up with an animation character [CORONER] born from the new coronavirus, in order to disseminate the idea of how to fight the evil virus. This mysterious character [CORONER] invades our bodies and aggravates our physical and mental health day by day – ultimately loses people’s ability to make sound judgement.
Furthermore, [CORONER] makes us anxious, unkind, and/or aggressive to each other. , [CORONER] is a horrible enemy that tears us apart and harm us to death.
The worst part is that [CORONER] is attacking our compassion, caring mind, and kindness to others.

[CORONER] strikes terror into our hearts and causes our anxiety. Because of the fear, we are afraid of even our loved ones and losing our kindness to them. As the result, we unknowingly hurt or discriminate our friends, families, and those who are fighting against COVID-19 in the front line.

In this precedented CRISIS, the heroes [The COROTAIGERS] has stood up for us to defeat [CORONER]!

Hi Everybody who is watching this! [COROTAIGERS] will teach us how to fight against [CORONER]!!

Clean-Red will teach how to keep us sanitized, such as how to wash hands and cough with etiquette etc.

Immunity-White will teach how to build our immune system.

Sympathy-Pink will teach us the importance of having compassion and caring for each other and positive connections with others.

Meta-cognition Yellow will teach us how to control our mind and emotions, and how to react rationally or calm ourselves down.

More characters are coming soon…